nick resizeNick A D’Agostino – Managing Director

30 years in the industrial Cleaning Industry

Likes: honesty & loyalty

Dislikes: Disrespect & Lateness

Ambition: A chain of D ‘Agostino Coffee Shops

tracey resizeTracey D’Agostino –¬†Operations/Finance Director

12 years in the industry

Likes: learning new skills

Dislikes: poor manners

Ambition: to constantly improve the person I am

Tom D’Agostino –¬†Team Leader

8 years in the industry

Likes: Family

Dislikes: Spiders

Ambition: To grow my hair, and run my own surf shack in Newquay

Craig North – Supervisor

11 years in the industry, ex Army, 3 tours of Afghanistan & Iraq

Likes: family

Dislikes: bad food

Ambition: North Electrical, Bondai Beach

James North

6 years in the industry

Likes: Jamaica

Dislike:s non ginger people

Ambition: to open up a ginger only hair salon called REDS ONLY

Paul North

Qualified Plumber, 6 years in the industrial cleaning industry

Likes: Fast bikes

Dislikes: mopeds

Ambition: Route 66 on a Harley Davison

Oliver Grice

6 years in the industry

Likes: beautiful women, any women

Dislikes: Facebook

Ambition: to run his own computer company

IMG_1616Olivia D’Agostino – Admin Assistant

Likes: One Direction

Dislikes : Spiders

Ambition: To be a midwife


Kyle Parkin

Likes: Fishing

Dislikes : disrespect

Ambition: To catch a Hammerhead Shark


Tom Blackburn

Likes: Fast cars

Dislikes : Ignorance

Ambition: To become an international supermodel

Jake Gilderdale

Likes:  Bradford City

Dislikes : Leeds United

Ambition: To Work for Delta forever