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Keeping away the ghostly viruses

Halloween is only a few days away and all the ghostly ghouls will be knocking at our door, hoping for sweets and other treats ( unless of course you prefer a trick or two). This year is going to be different, as families are asked to stay in their support bubble and away from others, there will be little or no trick or treats. Everyone knows of a much bigger and fiercer ghoul calling himself coronavirus. He likes to sneak up on people, catching them unaware and giving them the fright of their lives.

There is always good and bad in every situation - we can be scared and cower away or we can look for better outcomes by staying safe, maintaining health and just as important keeping a clean safe environment. Here at Delta, we are assisting in fighting the good fight by our disinfectant fogging treatments to blast away the little critters and working to keep buildings safe for people to comfortably enter.

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