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Let's beat the bug-gers

Today, we are in unchartered territory with no-one absolutely sure what is going to happen next. What we can be sure of is we need to be prepared, not to panic and be on top of this Covid-19. The little viruses do not have favourites, everybody is their friend and if allowed they will move in and take up residence, causing chaos having the most wild parties in your system and make your life a living nightmare.

There are things we can do to minimise the risk of this happening, we are a friendly bunch at Delta but we don't want to be friends with this.. What can you do to protect yourselves and environment

The one we all love to hear but very important - WASH YOUR HANDS FREQUENTLY.

STAY INDOORS, unless essential travel is needed

Follow government guidelines to safeguard our loved one and NHS.

We need to keep our environment clean and sanitised, which is where we come in - think of our team as the bug busters.. Our team will do a thorough deep clean, specialist for Covid-19 and make your environment a safer place to be .

We can minimise risk by sanitising your environment, it's then your turn to keep yourself safe and well by not taking risks and reacquainting yourself with the germs

So who ya gonna call..........

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