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When many work together for a goal, great things can be accomplished

Sitting on my hotel balcony on recent holiday, my attention was drawn to a small group of ants. They were trying to move, what appeared to me be a piece of debris much bigger than them. It took them a while to figure out how to do this and one would walk away as if giving up but then came back to give it another go. It was fascinating how they all worked hard together to accomplish what they were determined to achieve. Eventually the three or four little ants managed to move something much bigger than them to where they wanted it to go.

This amusing little scene got me thinking about the characteristics of ants and how we can learn so much from them or indeed how we do behave much like them in our lives.

Ants are not just little annoying insects running around making us feel uncomfortable. They are working and have a purpose, whatever that is they will not give in until they have accomplished whatever they have set out to do. The goal of being in business is progression, getting better at what you do to be successful. You need a plan for moving forward, a flexible plan to go with the flow as things do not always work out how you had it in your mind. Referring back to the ants - they were knocked off course by different things, wind, rain, chairs moving and they regrouped and started again.

Teamwork is one of the most valuable assets a business can have, working together, staying positive, doing all you can to do a great job and an even better impression on your customer. I have written about our team here at Delta Clean North in previous blogs, how professional and hard working they are. We are a small company in a big cleaning field and there are many other businesses much bigger than us. Working together , staying positive, doing all we can and never giving up, which is why we have partnered with, a company much like Delta but specializing in kitchen equipment. ERL has the same values and outlook as Delta,, which makes us an invincible team. So, what have we learned - Together Everyone Achieves More

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