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Beauty is in the high of the beholder

It is easier to keep equipment and structure clean where it can be seen in commercial and industrial settings. However, what about the dust and debris that is gathering and lurking above your head!

The risks of this build up could be overlooked or ignored, but it is still as much a Health & Safety issue as anywhere else. Dust and debris can accumulate and then be blown off the high points to the lower areas causing contamination, therefore avoiding high level cleaning is a false economy, trying to save revenue putting off this tasks could increase fire risks and in case of fire can even cause it to spread rapidly.

A high level cleaning specialist is a great asset - they are trained to work at height, qualified to use machinery such as cherry pickers and scissor lifts and can get to the places that are usually inaccessible. The specialist holds IPAF accreditation and PASMA.

Delta Clean are your go to high level specialists, with over thirty years industry experience and a qualified team, they can help protect your business, keeping it safe and hygienic for anyone directly or indirectly using the facility.

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