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Spring into action

Well, we are now into March - a month where there is lots going on. We officially move into spring, hopefully we see better weather, mother nature starts to bloom, clocks go forward, which means an hour less in bed and Tracey celebrates her 50th birthday.!!!!

Spring is a time to dust out the cob webs, open the windows to let fresh air and light into our surroundings. Having a clean, light and airy environment makes us all feel brighter and more motivated to do the best at whatever we are doing. It is an idea time to get in those deep cleans, whether it be a kitchen deep clean or a high level deep clean. We at Delta are the right team, we are the D team and will make your establishment gleam and your staff will feel more motivated in their working day.

Enjoy the month of March, don't forget to get in touch and we will be here again in April to give you more snippets from the force you can trust

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