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Summer is just around the corner!

Happy February everyone, the month of Saint Valentines, love your partner, love your job and you will never have to work again, most importantly love yourself. Here at Delta January came and went very quickly and looks like this month and the coming months will be the same this is why I want to remind Schools, Colleges and Universities to get their summer kitchen deep cleans booked in as it will come around so quickly.

This week at Delta we have already booked in 3 weeks of school kitchen deep cleans for July and August so please get in touch early to avoid disappointment.

We have also introduced a partnership programme with amazing discounts and pre-booked kitchen cleans in our company diary giving you the piece of mind that your kitchen is booked in for the 12 months or even 2 or 3 years if you wish with no price increases.

Let us save you money, call us today for a FREE- NO- OBLIGATION SURVEY AND ADVISE.

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